PVT is not so PVT

When I presented to the class, I had noted that I was planning to dig a little deeper in to Chat Hour and take some risks.

One thing that I was afraid to do was the PVT or Private Chat.  I decided I should try it.  I thought about it, and I chose to tackle PVT in the Adult Chat.  I know that my age group is “tweens” but I thought this would be the best choice because usually I don’t face too much vulgar language and inappropriate behavior in the Adult Chat.  There is still an adequate amount of that stuff, just not as much as the horny tweens.  Being that this was my first time using PVT,  I didn’t want a 12 or 13 year old boy to scar me and discourage me from doing it again.

While I was was in the Adult Chat, I clicked on “bosseswife” who is age 53 from the USA.  I thought this would be safe for me.  Upon clicking it and sending her a message, I realized the PVT isn’t so private!

PVT simply means you single out a user within the chat, but everyone else can see your conversation.  We proceeded to have a brief conversation through PVT, her asking me where I’m from and making ridiculous remarks about my age, but the chat was still going on around us.  Eventually our conversation died out, and I changed chat rooms.

My experience with PVT was a lot different than I expected.  I was under the impression that a separate chat almost like an IM box would pop up, and you could have a private conversation with another user.   The way that PVT actually works is pretty pointless.  I could have just as easily singled her out in the chat room without using PVT by just saying “hey bosses wife, how are you?”

In the coming weeks I will try out other aspects of the site and see how tweens respond to and communicate with the different features of Chat Hour.

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