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Blog 5: Write about how you experience content online— do you pay attention to copyrights or other regulations?

Usually online I try to respect copyrights and property rights. I don’t download music illegally or movies. Although, I do that more out of laziness and lack of motivation. I do go to and to watch my TV shows for free. If these websites are surviving and not getting shut down, I have to assume they either haven’t been caught, or are doing something to make their supply of this material legitimate and lawful. I’m not downloading anything, I’m just consuming the information, so I don’t feel at fault.

In high school I posted up my senior photos from that fancy shmancy place that charged us way too much for a rinky dink picture. Legally I don’t think I was supposed to lay claim to them because they have their name stamped across the front, but it’s my face, I do what I want with it. Facebook has been asking me to tag the company in one of my pictures, even though it doesn’t have any text resembling the place or saying where it is from. Kind of freaks me out that it knows where I went. I refuse to tag them, that’s free marketing for their business, because I look so gosh darn adorable in it (joke). I guess I don’t actually respect copyrights as much as I claim to, if I’m avoiding the company in this way…

One Comment on “Bloggity Blog”

  1. ariel822 says:

    I completely agree that I never feel at fault when I consume or utilize illegal content on the web that I have not posted myself. As I also mentioned in my post, I have always recognized the internet as a free experience… a place where every website should be accessible to everyone for no cost. I guess because of this I have never thought of my online TV show watching as criminal even though the television program’s broadcaster/network looses money when I do so. Also, you’ve got to admit that when the chance arises for you to take something for free that normally would have cost you money, you jump at the opportunity because everybody is doing it. I guess the fact that I am not the only one participating in these illegal online activities makes for another reason I find it “okay” to do so.

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