Copyright policies

When it comes to copyright laws, copyright laws exist? Just kidding, but I treat these laws like they don’t exist. I haven’t really thought twice about the matter, which I’m not bragging about. My roommate actually got a letter from the government, listing the illegal movies she had previously downloaded. They warned her that they are monitoring her, and if her downloading does not stop then her internet will slowly be shut off. They also threatened her with taking legal action. Scary, I know. As far as my personal use, I just take music from my friends. Sometimes when I am completely obsessed with a song, I’ll download it or rent a movie from Itunes.

I will probably continue this habits and even if I stopped people will always get around any laws or policies put in place. When you think about how it has affected the media industry, artist’s, and actor’s careers, you think twice about it. But then I still download it.  For some reason, most people don’t just don’t consider it stealing. Maybe this is because there are no to very little consequences, except for the few people, like my roommate, that get threats from the government. Still I doubt that any action will be taken further than that.

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