So my experience with copy right issues never seem to be an issue until the last few years and even then it has not greatly effected how I use the internet. I can remember being a freshman and using “Limewire” do download music. I didn’t really register that I was doing something wrong until I got a notice from house fellow saying that the UW was aware of what I was doing and the notice asked me to stop immediately. I thought this was kind of weird just because I hardly used “Limewire” and when I did it was only to download a song or two. Pretty much everyone on my floor received these notices so I didn’t feel that bad, nevertheless I still stopped.

The next time I ran into this was actually last year when my then- roommate actually received a letter from Paramount asking telling her that if she didn’t stop illegally downloading movies they would move forward… kind of scary for her. I was always wondering how she was able to blog about her top 5 picks for Oscar nominees when the films were barley out of theaters. I don’t know exactly what my roommate was using but whatever it was she stopped using it immediately. Overall, that’s a relatively extreme case of copyright issues.

I do however see why entertainment industries do try to control and regulate usage in order to protect what is theirs. However, I personally download music from time to time and use cites like “Channel 131” to watch episodes of Dexter but other than that I cant really say that these copyrights issues affect me too much.

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