Blog 6: Compare and contrast one YouTube video and one Hulu video

I watched an episode of “American Horror Story” on Hulu and a video on YouTube (Look At This Car!! ).  When comparing the two, I found that they both had advertisements, however the YouTube video’s advertisement was a banner ad at the bottom of the video, whereas the Hulu ads were more like short commercial breaks.  This makes me think of Hulu as a sort of T.V. provider, which in some sense it is.  The quality of video on Hulu is much sharper than YouTube, which also lends an air of it being more professional and official content.  The video “Look At This Car!!” is very obviously amateur, as there is someone taping another guy interact in a funny conversation.  I like this about YouTube, however, because there are a lot of things that happen in life that are random and funny, and it’s cool when you can capture that and share that experience.  There was one other thing I found interesting when I compared the two.  On the Hulu site, when you are searching for certain T.V. shows, the search results look at the letters you type in and match those letters with the most popular show.  So when I type in the letters “Am” I get results of “American Horror Story,”  “Pan Am,” and “American Dad!”  When I type into YouTube’s search the word “look” I see the video I was searching for in the results, but see several versions of the song “Look at me now” by Chris Brown (which, on a side note, has an awesome rap by Busta Rhymes) that come before it.  This is an exception, because most times when you type in a word, you don’t even see the amateur video you were looking for in the auto search.  Because Hulu is automatically linked with professionally made shows, the ones you are looking for show up in your search.  But YouTube has so much amateur as well as some professional content, that it seems as though the professional content (like songs) show up, and the amateur content has to be sought out.



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