Copyright laws…

I rarely pay any attention to copyright laws when I’m on the internet, and I’m sure this is true of most people.  I download music, TV shows, and movies from various sources, some of which I know to be illegal.  It’s not always about cost, sometimes content is only available through less than legal channels.  iTunes is certainly the only place I’ll pay for music, and even then I usually will only buy a few songs, as opposed to downloading the whole album on torrent.  The majority of my TV viewing is done on Charter cable or Netflix, so I let those companies deal with finding licenses.  I’ve noticed that Netlflix’s offerings have been shifting around, this is most definitely due to keeping and losing certain licenses to provide content.  Although I am fully aware that these laws are in place, it is far easier to ignore them.  The internet’s “free”-doms inspire us all to be criminals.


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