YouTube vs. Hulu

For this blog post, I wanted to find the same video on both Hulu and YouTube. I decided to look up the latest episode of the television show Parks and Recreation, called “The Smallest Park.”

The 22 minute episode was easy to find on Hulu. After 30 seconds of advertisements, the episode is available to watch. Throughout the episode, there were three advertisement breaks that lasted one minute long. For this viewing, I saw advertisements for a Christmas Barbie, Geico, and the yellow pages. I noticed that Hulu gives the viewer the option to change the advertisement they are forced to watch. However, it is annoying that these advertisements cannot be skipped. Hulu also offers additional episodes and clips of Parks and Recreation.

I could not find “The Smallest Park” on YouTube. YouTube offers a number of other videos related to Parks and Recreation (such as interviews with the actors, bloopers, extended scenes, and clips). I found a few videos of the episode that I was looking for, but they had all been removed due to copyright infringement.

As an official content provider, Hulu is able to offer current television episodes with brief commercial interruptions to the public. Youtube, on the other hand, is framed as an amateur space for online content. Though the official episode of the television show I was looking for was unavailable, I was given a number of additional unofficial/behind-the-scenes videos of the show.

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