Remix Production 3

For this post I remixed a song that I posted on my Soundcloud. For the remix I used part of the Beatles song “Michelle” and the AZ song “Still Alive.” The sample from Michelle is about 25 seconds into the song when Paul sings “Sont des mots qui vont très bien ensemble” which means “these are words that go together well”.  AZ is a rapper from Brooklyn who first appeared on the Nas album “Illmatic”. The song “Still Alive” is from AZ’s 2005 album A.W.O.L but I only used 2 out of 3 verses from the song.

I mixed the song in Ableton Live 8, a digital audio workstation that allows you to manipulate audio and play digital instruments. I created the drums in Ableton using a drum rack and arranged them with the other samples. I slowed down the sample to 88BPM and had to mess around with the vocals of the AZ verse to get them on beat. I made an instrumental version that only has the “Michelle” sample and one that combines the instrumental with the vocals. Take a listen here: Still Alive (Remix)

I don’t think there is any problem in posting a remix of this song for free (not like my Soundcloud gets a ton of views). The rights to use Beatles songs are expensive to get so I obviously could not distribute this for money. Remixes being posted for free like this have become so prevalent with the rise of the internet and increasing availability of software and hardware to mix that and I don’t really see the threat that they pose to artists. The ability to make mixes like this has definitely been curtailed by copyright law and I think basically restricts a form of creative expression.

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