Chat rooms– a modern LambdaMOO

After using LambdaMOO for quite some time, I have found that’s its equivalent seems to be today’s chat room.  People sign on to LambdaMOO, see who is online (by typing @who), and go into actual created rooms or areas (like the Marine Rabbit Colony or the living room) to chat with people.

Another similarity between LambdaMOO and modern day chat rooms.  Both have a base of users that come fairly often to the chat room, known as regulars.  While there are regular users, some people jump on to chat rooms infrequently, just to check it out.  I think I fall into this category of people.  But there are many users who frequent LambdaMOO and have built a community, sharing stories, daily information, and even recipes.

There are differences, however.  Today’s chat rooms can sometimes have categories, like fan group chat rooms, or chat rooms for certain ages, as we have seen in previous presentations.  Chat rooms also don’t require you to type in code.  When I want to express an emotion I can’t click on a smile face, I have to type in “:smiles”, which will say tell others “jennynw smiles.”

While LambdaMOO has its differences from today’s chat rooms, they each have similar qualities that offer users to talk to, connect with, and share with one another.


One Comment on “Chat rooms– a modern LambdaMOO”

  1. kteebs says:

    The whole LamdaMOO thing is unique and interesting to me, particularly the way that users type in commands, rather than click on links and buttons, like you might on Facebook. As someone who’s never used LamdaMOO it seems unnecessarily complicated and somewhat “archaic” if you will. I am curious if you have given thought to the reasons that users elect to use an interface like LamdaMOO rather than a more modern chatroom form, or social networking sites. That would be something interesting to talk about it. I wonder if it has something to do with how long many users have been on the sites, or if the fact that the site requires a knowledge of commands makes it feel like a more exclusive community.

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