Choosing a platform for ‘How I Met Your Mother’

When debating the Hulu vs. YouTube argument of choosing a platform to watch a television show the debate was already decided in my mind, Hulu duh! As this blog post was explained in discussion I wasn’t even fully aware that YouTube was a source to look at when I wanted to catch up on a few of my favorite TV shows. YouTube is concieved in my mind as an aggregation of short videos to give you a quick and dirty study break. When I want to watch TV shows I always go to Hulu or a similar platform. A few reasons I started to pick up on are now more salient to me and explain why I make this automatic decsision.

Hulu is supported by the TV channels that display the episodes on an actual television. This gives Hulu the ability to have a whole season or multiple seasons of a variety of shows. Hulu also limits its offerings of certain television shows that are usually more popular or aired during prime time television viewing. There are brief commercials with Hulu but nothing compared to watching it on an old fashioned television, creating a plethera of benefits. Hulu is stream-able from a variety of devices giving the individual a versatile advantage when choosing to watch TV shows. The creation of Hulu and other outlets similar allow individuals to continue to connect with their favorite characters.

In contrast, YouTube is sourced from individuals who are able to post clips or full videos of things they find interesting. The way I view it there is no real rhyme or reason to the uploads on YouTube. When searching YouTube for a TV episode there are rarely full episodes and instead clips of the most comical or important scenes. I had a hard time finding a full episode of ‘How I Met Your Mother’ when digging through YouTube. If there were full videos they were often found in a ‘channel’ that needed to be subscribed to. This is an area that I believe is new to YouTube and based off the creation of sites like Hulu.

Personally I am not a fan of watching anything besides a funny clip or searching for a music video on YouTube, however as the platforms evolve my mind may change. I am curious as to if YouTube will gain more regulation and follow strict guidelines presenting it similarly to Hulu?

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