Fuzzy vs. Clear

When examining content on both YouTube and Hulu, I realized the difference. Most of the reasons I use both of these websites is for catching up on television that I miss. I decided to look at clips from ABC’s Dancing With the Stars on both of the websites. On YouTube, I found a bunch of clips from the show that seemed to be videotaping a television screen. The images appear shaky and unclear, making it noticeably obvious that this content was posted by just a random user. After, I searched for the same clip on Hulu and found that the quality was consistently clear. It seems that Hulu tends to get more licensing from particular shows and channels, and can feature content that is exact to what is seen on TV. I think that since anyone can post on YouTube, there tends to be a lot more amateur content than seen on Hulu. I tend to prefer Hulu because I know that I will get a clear and accurate video clip, rather than waste minutes on YouTube searching for a legitimate clip.

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