Hulu vs. Youtube

For my Hulu/Youtube comparison, I decided to watch a clip from SNL when Jason Segel was the host.  Going into it I assumed that Hulu would be better quality than Youtube, just based on previous experience.  I was proven correct. Youtube is definitely less sophisticated than Hulu.  Youtube is a great way for an average person to put whatever they want on the internet.  There are many original video clips, but there are also parodies of different things, re-makes/re-mixes, music videos, etc.  Youtube will also have various clips of TV shows, but in the SNL skit that I watched, the video was very blurry and it was clearly a video of a camera filming a television.  Hulu is a much better way to watch your TV shows; it allows viewers to watch videos on their computers on their own time.  However, the advertisements can get a little annoying.  There is one ad before the video and one after.  There are no advertisements like this on Youtube, however, I guess the ads are the price you have to pay in order to receive a better quality clip.

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