Hulu vs. YouTube

To compare Hulu and YouTube, I decided to go with an SNL clip about Kim Kardashian’s divorce.  I had viewed this video on YouTube about a week ago, so when I found it on Hulu, I thought it would be a great idea to compare the two.  The first thing I noticed was the clearness and quality of the videos.  The video on YouTube, when I watched it the very first time about a week ago, I didn’t think anything of the quality.  It was the quality I expected from YouTube.  However, after I watched the video on Hulu, I realized just how much better the quality on this site was.  The colors were not as bright or distinct on the YouTube video, the smoothness between scenes was less clear, and the sound clarity was not as good as it could have been.

I also noticed that at the beginning of the clip, a brief ad was presented saying that a particular company was sponsoring the viewing of this video.  Also, at the end of the clip, the SNL weekly airing date and time was displayed, giving credit to the show for putting on the skit.  The clip I watched on YouTube did not do this.  To me, this shows that Hulu is more professional and is more “lawful” in the sense that I don’t suspect Hulu of committing any copyright crimes since the shows are sponsored and give credit to their original source.

Overall, I found Hulu to be more appeasing and easier to use.  I typed in “Kim Kardashian SNL” and immediately found the video I was looking for.  YouTube, although not in this circumstance, has so many videos that sometimes I find it hard to find exactly what I’m looking for, and when I do, it’s not always the right version or of good quality.  I’ve definitely come to like Hulu more and more as time goes on.  However, YouTube, because it is less professional and anyone can put whatever videos up they want, has a better variety. There are certainly pros and cons to both sites.

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