Hulu vs. YouTube

I chose to watch an SNL clip with Jason Segel to compare and contrast Hulu and YouTube. Before doing the assignment I assumed that the YouTube video would have less advertisements than Hulu because Hulu is a more reputable source and is known to have more substantial licensing agreements. Anyone can upload a video to Youtube, which is completely different to the very organized Hulu site. After watching both videos, I realized that my assumptions were correct. There is a tradeoff, if you want better quality you must watch advertisements. The Youtube clip was a video of someone videotapping the skit on their television screen, which clearly compromised the quality of the video. The “camera man’s” hand was shaking while he was tapping, so the it looked unstable. The lighting was poor as well, which left the video too dark. On the other hand, the Hulu video had perfect quality of the clip, as if I was watching it straight from my television. The negative aspect of this viewing was that the clip had advertisements before and after the clip aired. They were only five seconds each, which isn’t enough to complain about how annoying commercials are.

I think YouTube is a good platform for watching short clips and videos because the quality is decent and often times it isn’t necessary for a short and less serious video to be perfect quality, but when I sit down to watch a tv show or a movie, and am investing a greater amount of my time, waiting for the advertisements to run is not a big deal.

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