Practicum Presentation Tomorrow

Hi everybody, I’m presenting on my social review site tomorrow in class. I’ve been sick with the flu, but I will post more follow-up blog entries soon. I have been spending time on, a consumer-based website that provides opinions and experiences on products and services.

It is adult-oriented, in the sense that the community as a whole appears to be well-educated and admimant about keeping the setting helpful and formal. Posts are required to be neat in spelling, grammar, no profanity, etc. Based off of a review on a board game, I decided to purchase it since I live right by a game store on Mifflin. I’m not prone to playing board games, so I thought that it would be interesting to leave my comfort zone and try something new to add to my experience with this project. It could have been boredom from being sick, but I ended up having a positive experience so I bought a similar game and wrote my own review on it. I am working on building my ratings, but since the website is in a forum-type format where communication is rather indirect than instant, I just have to write a lot of reviews and hope that someone stumbles across them. I will elaborate on the interactive aspects in my presentation!

Here are some questions to think about while I present:

Do you think that posting your opinion of something (whether it is a review site, Youtube, or a Facebook picture) contributes anything, whether it is long or short term?

What type of people do you think benefit from opinions posted online?

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