Switching over to Hulu

Before this blog assignment, I had never used Hulu before. I hardly ever watch TV because I always miss the showtimes in regular television. After exploring Hulu, I see how easy it is for users to watch shows that he/she may miss during airtime on regular television. Also, after exploring the site, I realized how much I have been missing out on! Youtube is a site that I have gone on to watch music video clips with friends or funny videos that people have posted, but as far as watching a television show, I would never use YouTube because I think the quality is horrible. Additionally, this is also why I have not been so quick to trying a site like Hulu to watch TV. So, a few nights ago, the American Music Awards were on, and I missed them! That is the one awards show I look forward to watching, and plus, one of my favorite singers Justin Beiber performed!(I am not embarrassed to say that). Although I was very upset about this, I decided to go on Hulu and watch the clip of Justin Beiber’s performance of his song Mistletoe. The only issue was that I couldn’t find it. The only results were Justin’s Beiber’s music video Mistletoe so I watched that instead. The quality was perfect and watching his music video was great, but I was surprised that Hulu did not have it, and I wrote “Justin Beiber Mistletoe American Music Awards 2011” in the search box. Afterwards, I checked the clip out of YouTube. The quality was not nearly as good as Hulu and the overall design of the website is just less attractive. Overall, with the advertisment display before the clip on Hulu and the overall quality, Hulu seems to be more professional. Not only can not just anybody post clips of Music Videos, but with Hulu, I actually felt like I was watching tv. Watching the video on YouTube, it seemed as if any videographer taped the Justin Beiber video and posted it. Additionally, there’s an area on YouTube for comments, which lowers the professional level of the site as well. Thus, I will definitely be watching any future music videos on Hulu!

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