YouTube vs. Hulu

Since Hulu specializes in TV shows, movies, and trailers, I thought the best video to observe on YouTube was a TV show similar to the ones you would typically find on Hulu. I decided to watch an episode of America’s Next Top Model that had been streamed to YouTube by an average user and an episode  of the same show uploaded on Hulu. Because YouTube is known as the “broadcast yourself” website, the videos uploaded on the site are most often not professionally done whereas the same video on Hulu is of crystal clear quality. A perk of having watched the show on YouTube is that there are no advertisements to watch in between 15 minute segments. A nice feature about using Hulu however was that all of the episodes were lined up in a row chronologically so when I finish one episode, the next automatically pops up on the bottom whereas YouTube would make you search for the next episode, assuming the next one was somewhere on the site. While most episodes were viewable for free through the site, there were a few popular ones that were only watchable by Hulu Plus, a feature of the site accessible via a subscription and monthly charge. This allows you to view the most popular episodes– free of commercials. Although I prefer Hulu to YouTube when it comes to watching my favorite TV shows, with Comcast digital cable and all of the OnDemand features today, there is no need for the online world of television unless I am away from my home TV. YouTube also has almost everything I could ever be looking for, whether it be funny videos uploaded by normal people, to official TV shows illegally streamed online whereas Hulu feels very official. Hulu seems to be more of an online version of my television rather than a video based site for everyone to contribute to.

While YouTube is almost always commercial free,  Hulu has high quality, full length episodes of every show whereas YouTube is more user based and collaborative, where small clips from each episode can more easily be found than full length episodes.


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