Hulu for this, YouTube for that.

I actually think that these sites are both very useful and they seem to serve different purposes in my eyes. I would not use one over the other, I think that there are times when I would use Hulu, like if I wanted to watch a full TV show, and times when I would use YouTube like if I want to watch a funny video or listen to a certain song.

Hulu does seem more professional and the videos all look for crisp. I searched for “Glee” (totally a gleek!) and full episodes were available on Hulu and the quality of the video was great. When I searched for “Glee” on YouTube only clips form an episode or videos of Glee songs with lyrics that someone had posted were available. I searched the words “Loser Like Me” which is an original Glee song and the video clip of the performance came up on YouTube right away. When I searched the same phrase on Hulu the video came up but when I clicked on it I was taken to a different site and when I clicked on the video at this new site it said “this content has expired.” So if my goal was to hear a song or watch a music video YouTube would be my first choice. Hulu is awesome for full episodes, though. The YouTube video clip of “Loser Like Me” did have some glitches at certain points and the first few minutes of the full episode that I watched on Hulu was not glitchy at all.

Hulu does seem more professional but there are certain clips and videos that can only be found on YouTube. I think that they are both valuable sites.

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