Flickr: Practicum #7

While I will probably use my Flickr account for many more years to come, I figured I would do a final blog post on it now, since I have exceeded the amount of hours required for this practicum project. Recently, I made an album of pictures that are my favorites, and I have included one in this post that has gotten the most comments from viewers. Surprisingly, the majority of pictures in this album are the pictures that were from my old camera during 2010 and 2011 summer, and not taken from my camera I have now, which is known to be better quality.  I have gained many viewers and followers on Flickr, and have made an effort to encourage more of my friends to sign up (I have successfully gotten two people to sign up for the website, and they love it!). Part of the assignment was interacting with members of Flickr and commenting in a media-based social networking way. This has been quite the experience because it is different from anything I have ever been used to. Living in this generation, we are used to Facebook and Twitter and other forms of social networking, but never through the use of pictures and other media devices as the sole purpose of the communication or interaction.  We may use them within the major social networking websites, to send a friend a picture, post a picture of nature, show the world your best pictures from vacation, etc. But never directly in the form of only pictures, such as Flickr.  I have found this entire project to be quite fascinating, and an experience I am glad I was able to have.  It became more than just a class project, because I actually will use this website now and in the future.  I would recommend Flickr to any aspiring or professional photographer, or even someone just wanting to keep their photos organized and in a place where they can express who they truly are.  It is a cool concept to have people come together from all over the world and share a common passion or hobby.

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