“Flame Wars” now on Wiki!

Hey Everyone –

Since I have learned all sorts of lingo from my experiences on senior citizen chat rooms and forums, I decided it was time to add my input on the Wikipedia site! I went to the subject: chat rooms and realized that in the rules section the term “flame wars” wasn’t there.

This is a term that is used on multiple web sites “chat rules” sections and is used to describe when a person says hurtful things to someone with no other reason but to hurt their feelings. I think this is an important term to know because many people will break this rule when they participate in a website. I think flame wars are a type of bullying and it makes me feel better to know that it is being regulated on all of these sites. I think chat-rooms should be a place where people feel comfortable to be themselves and not get their feelings hurt for no reason.

I’ve never actually attempted to edit a Wikipedia page, and I was surprised to find how easy it was! All I did was copy and paste the definition from the senior-chatters page I used, and cited the source with a link back to the rules page where I found the information. It is really crazy to think that my addition will be in Wikipedia (unless someone takes it down!). I use Wikipedia all the time for information and now I have actually contributed to it! Such a great feeling 🙂


One Comment on ““Flame Wars” now on Wiki!”

  1. jlstaebell says:

    Wow that’s pretty crazy that they didn’t have the terminology on there. I thought Wikipedia “knew it all”, and am a little weary about discovering what little I can contribute to it, but you’ve given me hope! haha.

    On your contribution, did you keep it simply definitional, or did you include some common perceptions of the act as described by your informants? Do you think adding emotion and opinion to a Wikipedia site is beneficial or detrimental?

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