Hulu and Youtube



The biggest difference between Hulu and Youtube is the content. The look and feel of both sites say a lot about what kind of content they put forward. Hulu has a much more corporate look with a lot of popular TV shows being advertised on the front page. The search bar automatically reveals the shows that Hulu has as you type in a search and the Hulu website basically guides you to where you need to be. Youtube on the other hand is much more user-controlled and less hierarchical. Because there are so many videos of random things on Youtube, it is easy to get lost. Youtube has done a good job linking similar videos together with its playlist feature. Hulu has a more professional layout (the site is actually very similar to HBO’s) because of the professionally produced content that it offers. Youtube is more of a place for amateurs to share videos although it is becoming increasingly filled with commercial advertisements. I think these two approaches to essentially the same service shows how content drives design.

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