Remix Production 4

It has been a rough venture to try and mashup a video and set it to music. For the presentation I will have 2 video mashups. The first I detailed earlier and will be sampled from MarioKart 64 gameplay. For the second mashup I took a video of Fred Astaire tap dancing to “Puttin on the Ritz” and combined it with some music. This number was included in the 1946 movie “Blue Skies” which starred Fred Astaire, Bing Crosby and Joan Caulfield. I will have the links to the full videos on vimeo in my post before my presentation.

I am going to try and talk about sequencing the video and music in the program Ableton Live. First, I drag the video into a track in Ableton. The program automatically registers the BPM of the song based on the soundwaves that are dragged in. I add in a drum track to play along with the video and match up the rhythm of the drums to the rhythm of the dancing. Once everything was on beat, I tried out a bunch of different effects on different video loops. Organizing everything takes a good while and I included a picture of what everything looks like in the program. The video track is at the top and everything else underneath it is audio. There is also a video box that shows what is being played.

I included a mashed up picture and a .gif. I made the .gif using GIFQuickMaker (which is free in the app store if you have a Mac). It was actually pretty easy to make with GIFQuickMaker. You can drag and drop any photos you want. I screen captured the ones I wanted from Ableton and then dragged them in and clicked create.

I don’t think that I could or should really be able to sell things like these. That being said, I also don’t see the problem in being able to spread simple mashups like this for free or for educational purposes.

One Comment on “Remix Production 4”

  1. abernstein2 says:

    I think its really great that you have been able to make a great product using the remix production. I have had some experience working with different remix software and I find that it takes a lot of time and patience to be able to get all of your content organized. It is interesting how there are different rules and regulations when it comes to sharing content. While I understand the owners of the original content aren’t pleased when people use their material for different projects, I think that people should be able to share their work, because it is original and unique. I am looking forward to seeing the work you have created in your practicum! Good job!

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