Not much new

In the last few weeks of my practicum assignment I was hoping to reach some over-arching conclusions, or make some great discoveries.  Unfortunately, not much has changed.

I did try to video conference someone but it didn’t turn out well.  I was a little skeptical to do so, being that I didn’t know any of the people I would video chat with.  However, I just told myself it would be like Chatroulette, only a little less risky because I knew the people from a chat, and I tried to pick the most normal person I could find.  My concerns were that they would not think I look 13, because I don’t.  And also that they would be really creepy and try to flash me or just say something weird.  I settled on “Farahsara” a girl age 15 (supposedly).  We decided to video conference to say hi and show each other our nail colors (I couldn’t think of anything else to relate to her about).

Unfortunately it said the connection wouldn’t go through and our devices would not connect to each other.

Other than this attempt to try something new, everyone mostly remains the same, talks about creepy stuff, and is only interested in naked girls and speaks unidentifiable chatroom language.

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