Practicum: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 UPDATE

Since winter has come along, it has been easy to log hours playing Call of Duty.  The online gameplay is great.  I’ve gotten much better at the game, and two or three times I’ve placed in the top three.  So many of the players are different ages and from different countries, it is very interesting.  I am now a level 25, and I have unlocked a good percentage of the unlockable items.  I find that my favorite online game mode is free-for-fall, the non-cooperative gameplay, it is much faster paced.  The team death match mode requires a lot of patience, and players often hide and shoot with sniper rifles.  I much prefer an assault rifle or sub-machine gun.  My roommate also plays on the PlayStation Network, and we have been able to play in games together.  While we could work together, we end up just trying to kill each other.  Many hours in, I’m still not bored with the gameplay, its all online so it is always different and new.

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