Postsecret technology

I wonder if Frank realized how integrated Postsecret would become with technology! Since the launch of the iPhone app, the Postsecret community has become more interactive than ever before.

This participation provides a sharp contrast to the Postsecret community blog, another aspect in my practicum project. I am supposed to communicate with the Postsecret community, which has proven to be nearly impossible. In fact, the first discussion post I made on the blog, which ironically has remained to be the most “popular” conversation on the blog, has had no responses since my post months ago. It was much more rewarding and entertaining to look at secrets on the iPhone app- I can respond to recently posted secrets and potentially have someone respond to what I posted, possibly creating a conversation. No matter what I posted to the blog, there was no response. I rarely published a secret on the iPhone app which didn’t have some kind of response- so far, the biggest response I received got 139 “hearts” and 6 replies!! I was thrilled. However, there is the possibility that a secret can fall through the cracks of the iphone and become lost in the app. Many times, I see secrets from people who are suicidal, posted either as a last cry for help or as a goodbye post. It frightens me to think that someone who feels so alone might not be comforted by the Postsecret community.

Because when this community has the opportunity to get together- amazing things are possible. I often look at the Postsecret app right when I wake up in the morning- one day, I saw this secret-

I immediately “heart-ed” the secret. I planned to continue to check the app throughout the day, but the next time I checked the app (not even a full half hour later), I saw that the secret was not only a top secret of the hour, but there were far more than 100 hearts:

Though, as you can see, some people responded with hurtful messages, other responses were more supportive:

A short while later, the writer of the original secret responded to his secret by saying:

I was happy that I was able to be a small part of this person’s journey. I now check my Postsecret app more often than my Facebook or Twitter apps, which is saying a lot.

My favorite, of course, is checking the Postsecret blog (different from the community blog) on Sundays, where Frank posts the Sunday secrets. However, as many times as I emailed my responses of the secrets to Frank, none of my messages were chosen to be included in his blog. So, to end this blog post, I will share my favorite secret from this week:

One Comment on “Postsecret technology”

  1. mkresch says:

    I think it’s really great that people are able to use postsecret to gain support from others. The person who came out because he got support from the postsecret community exemplifies just how influential it is. It’s nice to see that this person got responses and feedback from their post, and took a life-changing step forward.

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