Support Group Update

Just a quick post about what’s going on with my practicum project. I am looking into support groups, specifically loss of a pet. Today I was actually reading other people’s blogs and saw that someone was actually joining the group to do research for a project too. I thought this was kind of interesting because that is the reason that I am in the group too. I wonder if he will receive the same treatment as I did? Everyone was really nice and friendly to me but his post didn’t really have anything to do with “loss of a pet” so people may not respond the same way to him. Nevertheless, I did respond to him and told him about my experience within the group so hopefully we will be able to help each other out.


One Comment on “Support Group Update”

  1. ag12345 says:

    I think it’s interesting but not surprising that people in the support groups have had a hard time infiltrating when they present themselves as researchers. I can see how this would feel very invasive to people who want to seek genuine help and likely have reasons for selecting an online support group instead of an offline one. It seems like you have been able to be more successful in participating in the support group because you have lost pets yourself and can genuinely relate to what others are going through. It will be interesting to see if a new person in the same community who presents them self as solely an objective researcher will receive the same treatment and be able to experience it in the same way.

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