Was Chathour a bad choice?

In the closing weeks of my practicum project, I have been reflecting a lot on the entire process.  Looking back, I realized my participation on the site was limited due to technological barriers.  For example, I was not able to video chat with another user because either the connection was off, or our machines were not compatible.  I also realized that me lying about my identity on the site probably made it difficult for me to fully participate.  Perhaps if I was truthful about my purpose on the website, and I made it clear that I was a researcher, I would be getting more useful feedback.  I was also thinking maybe I should have made a different choice with the chat room, and chosen a site with less inappropriate conversation.  If I chose a more G-rated site, I may have gotten a better feel for what tweens are actually doing in chat rooms (other than talking about sex).

Regardless of all of these points, I feel that I did learn a lot from my experience on Chathour, and unfortunately I can’t go back now.  I’m glad I chose one site and stuck to it.

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