An Evening of Computer Use

I wasn’t sure what all actually constituted as a computer, but my boyfriend said it could actually be many electrical things, so here is my use in one evening.

Cell phone– I texted people throughout the evening.  Sometimes they were two hours away, sometimes they were in the same room as me.  I also talked to a few people on the phone.

Television– I watched the Big 10 Championship (Go Badgers!) and a little bit of the Oxygen channel.

Laptop– I quickly checked my Facebook and e-mail, and then spent a good deal of time reading for a class before the game.

Microwave– I heated up leftovers.  I was surprised by this one, but I guess this is really computerized.  It’s funny, I just always thought of computers as standard screens with keyboards and a modem.

It was really interesting to find out that many electrical things have computers in them.  It makes you think about how vital the computer has been to our every day lives without our awareness of it.  After reflecting on this blog post, I actually think I use laptops/desktop computers less as entertainment and more for school and work.  I don’t know if this is because I’m not as obsessive with Facebook as I used to be, or if schoolwork has gone away from pen and paper and transferred over to the digital realm.  I think it’s both.


One Comment on “An Evening of Computer Use”

  1. ag12345 says:

    This was an interesting post. If you hadn’t mentioned using a microwave, I probably would not have realized how many computerized things I used in one night. When I first read to keep track of computerized items, I immediately just thought of new technological gadgets like iphones and laptops. It’s interesting how so many thing we use are computerized, yet we don’t even really think about it.

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