Keeping track

Last night was a crazy night to choose to keep track of what I was doing online and on different networked technologies. First off I worked my job at the UW Foundation T-fund which means I sit in front of a computer for 3.5 hours calling alumni and going through hundreds off computerizer records. During this time it gets a little boring so I obvi am on my phone playing Words With Friends, Tweeting, and checking Facebook. After work tickets for the Rose Bowl were going on sale at 9 PM and based on my experience last year they sell out really fast. So because I was so nervous about not getting tickets my roommate and I grabbed as many lap tops as we could find, between the rest of my roommates, and sat online preparing for 9 o’clock to come around in hopes the server would let us on first to buy tickets. My roommate couldn’t get through right away but  luckily everything worked great for me and I was able to do three different transactions on my lap top at 9:01, 9:04, and 9:08. Needless to say I was pretty much never not using the internet and my computer yesterday.

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