Forming Communities on Vimeo and Instagram

After exploring both Vimeo and Instagram deeper and spending more time on both websites, I began to notice that they really encourage you to form a specialized community. They want these sites to be a platform, where people who share the same interests as you can connect with one another. They both promote communication with other views in different ways.

Instagram is a great way to form connections with your friends, celebrities, and other professional or non professional photographers. It is really accessible and easy to use so amateur photographers or  people who just like to share their experiences through pictures are supported on this website. I have found that a lot of my friends joined Instagram, but don’t use it on a regular basis. It seems a bit forgotten about among my friends. However, with celebrities or people that have something to promote it seems to be a great tool to attract people to their line of work. I follow Whitney Port and she always uploads pictures of projects she is working on to get her fans excited about it. When a celebrity puts up their recreational pictures and its coming directly from them, it seems makes the celebrity seem more personable and down to earth.

Instagram supports the unification of their members by adding a hash tag feature. This way people who put up pictures of the same nature can connect with each other. They even started a project called The Hash Tag Project, in which a topic is released and users upload their pictures of this topic and use a hash tag in order to be linked and grouped with these other pictures. I saw a hash tag project in which users were supposed to upload their pictures of New York City and so many unique photos were posted. This is a great way to build a sense of community by bringing a common purpose to everyone on the website. It also includes a “popular” section. People can show their approval of a picture by liking it and the photos with the most likes are put in the popular category. Everyone who uses Instagram sees the same popular pictures.

#NYC hash tag project

Popular page on Instagram

Vimeo also truly wants its users to connect with one another. It does this by making exploring pictures really simple by making defined categories . Every time you upload a video you can tag it and place it in a specific category. I uploaded a video of my friend playing the song he wrote and put it in the music category in order for other musicians to see in hopes that they will recognize it. Vimeo users can browse categories of video topics that range from Science videos to Comedy videos. These subgenres help you see the work of others, which will hopefully inspire the viewers to create more videos of their own. I love looking at the Do It Yourself section because it motivates me to become an active person and I’ve even made a bracelet using one of the videos step-by-step instructions. If you find videos you like by one person you can subscribe to their channel in order to follow what they are doing on Vimeo, what they are uploading, and how they are utilizing its features.

There is also a convenient feature that allows you to message a user. You can ask them questions or hopefully get good advice, clearly this promotes communication between Vimeo users. I haven’t done this yet, but maybe in the future if I need help with something I will. It is nice to know that this is available.


Screen shot of the different categories they offer on Vimeo.

One Comment on “Forming Communities on Vimeo and Instagram”

  1. Amy says:

    I love using instagram and have never really played on the social networking aspect but after reading this and hearing your presentation I think I am going to try that aspect more often. It is so interesting to see the different artistic photos people are publishing with instagram.


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