My Life is Ruled by Computers!

After doing this assignment, I was not surprised to realize that computers are taking over the world. One item in particular takes the cake for my most used computerized electronic and that item is…my iPhone! I don’t care that I am dependent on my phone. That thing is a genius that I can hold in my hand and take everywhere with me. Last night I used it to email, surf the internet,  text and video chat with my friends,  and shop online with the Gilt app.  I also used my phone to listen to music especially Adele, play games like bowling, and discover new information on my BBC app.  I constantly update my Facebook and Twitter on my iPhone and go on these sites exclusively when I’m on my phone. The real question is what can’t the iPhone do? Nothing!

I also used my laptop last night, which wouldn’t even be a necessity for me because of how often I am on my iPhone. I had to write a few blog posts and a bit of a paper that is due soon. If I didn’t need to use Word on my computer than I wouldn’t have used my computer at all because I prefer how the convenience of my phone.

Overall, last night was a good example of how I use computerized devices in my daily life. Technology has become such a crucial part of our modern society and I’m surprised by just how reliable it has become. There seems to be less bugs, viruses, and problems with all of my Apple technology, which is really comforting. Computers have become so accessible and easy to use, which explains why they have become more widespread. They allow you to adapt to any situation you’re in by finding where you are and what there is to do around you. Computerized devices are such an important part of my life because they are efficient, reliable, convenient, and make me accessible to the people I want to be accessible to.

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