Sponsored by Apple?

When given the task to keep track of every computerized thing I use in an evening, it was really interesting/funny to find that I am an Apple product junkie. First, the computerized item I use the most is my iPhone. As I was a Blackberry person for some time, I have really come to appreciate the iPhone and all the different features on it, so I utilize it whenever possible. On a given night, I use it to communicate with friends and family and play a game or two in bed before I go to sleep. Last night, I used it to call my mom, play words with friends, and text my friends about our dinner plans. The next computerized device I use on a given night is my Macbook. I use my computer for both school work and surfing the web (twitter/facebook/shopping). I often find myself using both my iPhone and my computer at the same time, since I use them each for different tasks. Last night, I used my computer to finish up some assignments that were due today, and also shop online for a dress I need for an upcoming event. I also used my iPad last night. Since I was trying a new recipe, I pulled up the website to the recipe onto my iPad rather than my computer. Everyone always says that the iPad is just useful for travel, but I definitely use it around the house when I want to play games or do other things that I don’t need my computer for. I used my iPad for both the recipe and to play music while I was cooking. It is actually funny to think about the Apple products I use. I think technology and computerized programming has become so apparent in our every day lives that we feel the need to be constantly attached or connected to any of these devices at all time. I feel that I am often incomplete if I don’t have a computerized device near me, and that is a really sad reality. Now that I think of it, with all the Apple products I use, I should get an iDiscount on my next purchase! Haha!

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