Technology all day

I tend to think that I am not as addicted to technology as some since my phone doesn’t have web service, but documenting how much I use technology in a day has me thinking otherwise. I may not be on my phone as much as some but I think that I make up for that with how much time I’m on my computer. I call and text occasionally, and stay somewhat connected on Facebook and Twitter. I love reading the news so I spend a lot of time on my computer searching through the internet. Today I had a few classes and took notes by hand for half of them–although I would have used my computer for all of them had I had enough battery. On my way to class I listened to music on my iPod Touch, which I recently found under a seat cushion at my house over Thanksgiving break.  I also used some of the hardware that I talked about in my remix production practicum.

Realizing how much I depend on technology is kind of baffling considering were still in the early years of the internet. All things considered, I think its kind of unique that this generation has all these advanced gadgets at their fingertips while previous generations could not have imagined it. Stepping back from it all, I’m glad that technology makes things easier for me, but its also kind of strange to consider that we are really living in a time where technology has the ability to placate people and distract them from reality.

2 Comments on “Technology all day”

  1. Amy says:

    I think it is really interesting how many people did not realize how much time they spend on the internet. I agreed with what you said about how we are still in the early years of internet and I am eager to see what it will be like in maybe tens years?

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