Technology in a night

Last night, I kept track of all of the computerized and technological devices I used. Surprisingly, I didn’t use too many different things. However, I found that I use the same devices for many different reasons. The devices I used were my phone and laptop.

Computer. I used my laptop for many things last night. Most importantly, I was writing a paper that required me to research many different scholarly articles. I used the Wisconsin homepage to access journal databases and Google to search other random facts and articles. Of course, in between all of this, I procrastinated by using Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, and Pinterest. I also subscribed to a free month of Netflix! Also for the paper I was writing, I had to watch a movie and take notes on it and used Microsoft Word to do so. I used my laptop for one reason or another for about 5 hours. When it comes to completing class assignments that require me to use a laptop, this is a pretty typical amount of time for me to spend on my computer in a night.

Phone. I used my phone for several reasons last night. Obviously, I was texting throughout the night up until I went to bed, but I also used it to Tweet a few times, including a Tweet with a picture that I took with my phone last night. I don’t always use my phone to take pictures, so that was a little out of the ordinary, at least for a weeknight. I don’t generally care for the quality of pictures my Blackberry takes.

Overall, last night was a pretty typical night in regards to what devices I used, for what reasons, and for how long. The only out of the ordinary part was taking a picture and tweeting it. While keeping track of all of this, I realized just how dependent I am on technology. There’s never a day that goes by that I’m not somehow connected to either my laptop or phone. I actually wouldn’t mind having one day without these devices that I rely on so heavily – it could be a nice break (maybe…).

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