Advantages of Instagram and Vimeo Over Other Social Media/Network Sites

As my research progresses on Instagram and Vimeo, I have been noticing some advantages these media sharing services have over more widespread media like YouTube or social media services like Facebook.

When I first began my research it was difficult to understand why someone wouldn’t just use Facebook as their platform for sharing their photos or videos. Facebook has expanded its community and possibilities for bringing your art to viewers, however, I’ve seen the advantages these more specialized communities can provide.

An advantage of putting my pictures on Instagram is because I can transform the feel of my pictures. All of the filters allow me to frame my pictures in a different light, which adds a little bit of creativity and increases the artistic value of my photo. You don’t have the luxury of  doing this on Facebook. Instagram also provides  a really easy way to share photos, so my family and friends can have easy access to all of them at one time. I told my parents to join Instagram, so they have started  following me and it gives them tid bits of my life. They are thrilled they can see when something is important in my life happens and I share it on Instagra. I’ve also found it very useful that it allows me to share my pictures on Facebook and Twitter.  It is basically effortless to share my pictures on different platforms so all of my communities across the internet can see them. I’ve been taking advantage of the seamless integration with social integration.


Vimeo proves to have a greater advantage of posting your videos on their site as opposed to just on Facebook. This is because of the opportunities for exposure it gives you, except for the fact that the video I uploaded has only gotten one view! I think this is because I haven’t reached out to make connections, but they are there. That will be my next step in this project. My video doesn’t really show a point of view, but I imagine if your video actually has something to say it is easier for it get noticed on Vimeo, where it is surrounded by artistic videos. Another cool feature of Vimeo is that it gives you a weekly update on how many people viewed your video, how many watched it from start to finish, and where your viewers are located. This can help me target my audience and see how successful it is.  In order to protect the security of my video, Vimeo allows me to choose between who I want to share it with. I can allow the public to view my video, certain friends, or specific groups. I currently put my security level to only let my friends view my video, which could be why I don’t have as many views as I would like.

3 Comments on “Advantages of Instagram and Vimeo Over Other Social Media/Network Sites”

  1. bfjohnston says:

    Very interesting project. I wonder what the legal differences between Facebook and Vimeo are. Do you maintain any rights or ownership of content you post? I’m decently sure anything you post on Facebook becomes theirs – it is stored on their servers. Is the same true of Vimeo? Vimeo videos seem to have a higher production value than those on Facebook, maybe this is because of legal implications.

  2. mikecoakley says:

    I definitely see the advantages of these more specialized sites for sharing various things like photos, music, and videos over more basic platforms like youtube and facebook. One thing you talked about liking a lot were the various filters on Instagram that enable users to give their photos a certain “look”. I think that specialty apps like Instagram are going to be a gigantic part of how we use the internet in the future. Simply giving users a set of tools to easily transform their media is going to become a valuable part of the internet.

  3. tbrickman says:

    Hi Lauren,
    I personally use instagram and really like the app because it allows me to change the look of my pictures in creative ways. However, I usually then post the picture to Facebook. I share the instagrams on Facebook so that my friends and family can see the pictures, since no one would see them if I only posted to Instagram. I haven’t used vimeo, but I would be curious to see how the numbers of views would change for the video if you also posted it to Facebook. Are you going to make any changes to the video you posted to try to gain more viewers?
    Though there are a few advantages to using vimeo and instagram, I really don’t see these applications as better alternatives to sharing photographs and videos on other social media sites.

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