Facebook as a forum

This is my third post for the practicum project and even though it may be a bit behind schedule there has been some interesting observations on the internet. As a recap I am researching how Slow Food is present online in communities. This is a social movement that brings all sorts of people together based on the same issues. Part of the project is to review online communities, such as forums. While there are forums out there many of them are dated by about five years, or more. I have found that Facebook is being utilized as a forum in today’s social movements.

Many of establishments are online and use Facebook, as well as other social network sites, in order to update followers on real time events, opportunities, or discussion topics. When looking at slow food establishments there are certain restaurants and food establishments that are discussion slow food issues and the need for supporting the local economy. There are also many Slow Food chapters that are present on Facebook.

An example to highlight this is with Slow Food UW. This Slow Food chapter is the first university chapter to be recognized by the great Slow Food USA organization. Slow Food UW has presented itself with a Facebook page and group. The page is a way to present the basic information associated with Slow Food UW. The group instead is used as discussions and a way for the 562 members to converse about events or articles they find interesting and pertaining to the Slow Food ideals.

Below is a snapshot illustrating how myself and others have posted two events and one video.

I am eager to present more information about Slow Food’s presence online.

One Comment on “Facebook as a forum”

  1. bfjohnston says:

    Facebook has proven itself to be an excellent tool for connecting special interest groups. I think giving people the ability to asynchronously communicate is key. By nature Slow Food seems like a movement that can benefit from Facebook and this quality in particular. One can cook, post, eat, post, and have a meaningful dialogue.

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