Lots of Screens

Tracking my use of computers over an evening, it’s a little shocking how connected I always am.  As soon as I got home from class, I put my computer down to charge and turned on a television.  In my room, I seem to leave my TV on just for the sound.  While my computer charged, I used my blackberry to communicate with my friends.  At a certain point, I found myself sitting in front of the living room TV with a laptop in my lap and a blackberry sitting next to me, and my TV on in my room connected to my playstation.  Just about everything I do is aided by a computer.

This fact became very clear to me when I broke my laptop a few weeks back.  The screen died, and I could barely keep up in  any of my classes.  The experience showed my the downside of being so dependent on technology; it breaks all the time.

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