Encountering Problems…

While spending more time investigating Instagram and Vimeo, I’ve encountered a few issues that seem to be holding me back from utilizing these specialized services to their maximum capacity.

After spending a lot of time on Instagram, I’ve been left wondering if their interface is just entirely too simple? I haven’t really found that spending hours and hours on this site will really help me get further connected to the service. All of my interactions with this service have been quick. I usually check my news, feed, and take a fast look at the popular photos and then it seems like I’ve done all I can possibly do on this website until some the people I follow update their pages again in the next few days. This could be because most of the people I interact with use this service very sporadically. It hasn’t become something that my friends use on a daily basis. People don’t automatically think of Instagram when they want to upload a picture. This could be because other websites like Facebook are more of an all encompassing/ one-stop shop site, and they don’t feel like using Instagram has any advantages over using Facebook . It is not worthwhile to upload their picture sseparately to Instagram. I have personally been using Instagram as the first place to upload my  photos because it allows me to share my pictures with not only the people that follow me on Instagram, but it also sends my pictures to Facebook and Twitter with the click of a button. It is convenient because I can go to one place to share my photos in multiple locations. This a very young website, so hopefully its convenience and simplicity will help it catch on in the future.


I’m having a similar problem with getting my work noticed on Vimeo. I virtually have no followers because Vimeo is a fairly small media sharing website with only 3 million users worldwide. It has not become a mainstream website within my friend circle, so when I upload a video, I must rely on people I don’t know to view it. The problem with this has been that it is difficult to make connections with people. I messaged one person I follow and asked what his advice was on getting noticed within this website. Unfortunately, he has not responded yet. This website seems to be geared toward a more professional audience, which could be why my video is not being viewed as many times as I would like. I need to focus more creating more communication with Vimeo in order to better be able to utilize the features on Vimeo.

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