Adding to the Wikipedia Webpage

Although the Wikipedia page is generally pretty informative about the application Instagram, it was easier than I thought to add something to prove my better understanding. I felt important adding to the discussion of this service  because it improves collective knowledge. Because of the simplicity of the Instagram application, there is no need for a complex Wikipedia webpage. The Wikipedia page already included a description of what you can do on the service, which included the fact that you can take photos, apply a filter, and share it with friends. I just decided to make it a little more specific. I said,


” Today you can transform the feel of your photo using one of its 17 different filters. You can also easily share your photo on Instagram with Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and FourSquare”.


I thought these details would be useful for the general public to give more specifics on how the website works.

I had a little trouble with the references at first!


The Vimeo webpage is also pretty informative. One thing I noticed that was missing was information about the Vimeo phone application, which proved to be a good tool to use in my studies of the website. I constantly used the application when I was on the go to check around the website. It also allows you to edit your videos, which is not an available feature of the website. So I decided to add this to the community section of the Wikipedia page.


“Vimeo has launched a phone application in which you can upload, edit, manage, and watch your own videos”.


Now after all of this time spent on Vimeo,I think I can officially label myself a Vimean, which is what active users call themselves.

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