Foursquare in Las Vegas

Hello! Just thought l would update you all on some foursquare findings while l celebrate my best friend’s wedding in Las Vegas. I have been checking in all around, and there are not a lot of people who are at the places l check in to. The biggest number l have encountered was 11 people at the Bellagio hotel. I am staying at the Stratosphere and there was only one other person checked in here. I think it would be really interesting to go to NYC and see what the user base is like because l know it is popular in that city. I won’t be able to get there before the end of the semester so that will have to be a fun personal project. I guess lwas just expecting there to be more users in a city like this. I have earned a lot of points for checking in to so many places so l am way ahead of my boyfriend now! Haha! l have also recieved several texts from foursquare friends saying, “Wow, you are in Vegas?” So this foursquare has been a fun way to interact with the city and read others tips. Foursquare forever!

2 Comments on “Foursquare in Las Vegas”

  1. laurenjaeger says:

    Your findings actually really surprise me. Las Vegas seems like the perfect place for people to be utilizing FourSquare. Las Vegas is all about image and being in all of the best restaurants, clubs, bars, and pools, so it seems like people would be jumping to check into these spots in order to share with their friends what they are doing. For a place that is all about status, you would think people would want their statuses to show where they are. This makes me wonder why do you think there is a larger user audience in New York City as opposed to Las Vegas? Are there certain features that are included in New York City but haven’t made it to users of FourSquare in Las Vegas yet? I’d be interested in finding out what the advantages people have for using FourSquare in NYC are as opposed to using it in Vegas.

    • ashglowinski says:

      Yeah l was suprised too. No one checked in at the buffet l was at this morning either. I did notice though that there are many more random spots created than l noticed in Madison. One place you can check in to is “the spot l threw up at” and people created seperate check in spots for their specific room number, etc. Some of my research on foursquare said that there are specific NYC badges you can earn and a lot of places you can get discounts at for checking in to. I have not found any discounts in Vegas so far. I would love to do more research though and get back to you. Okay, off to get my hair done my best friend gets married in 2 hours!!!

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