Making friends in the online food world

This project is allowing me to stem beyond completing a semester full of work and allowing me to make connections that will hopefully last beyond December 15th. Through my research in blogs that support the idea of local food and sustainability I came across Grant Kessler’s Foodshed. In Grant’s terms a foodshed is used to describe ‘the flow and origins of foodstuff’. The opening note on the home page stresses his views on how he has turned his food mentality into one that supports the local accumulation of vegetables, dried goods, meats and more.

At the bottom of this homepage is my attempt to make a relationship. I commented on the blogsite explaining my interest in Slow Food ideals and the need for a local mentality when being a consumer and thanked him for his outstanding photography and wealth of knowledge. The exciting part is that within an hour I was contacted via email from Grant himself thanking me for my kind words and continuing to make a relationship.

As a result of this connection I am now a ‘Good Food Ambassador’. This is a title labeling me as a local food advocate helping him spread the importance of local practices across the midwest. Grant resides in Chicago’s food scene, however, has been eager to reach out to Madison. Our similarities and my sometimes obsession with Twitter has allowed us to find common ground and both find a way we can work together.

Beyond our new connection I continued to explore Grant’s blog, and photography website. The information he provides is extremely helpful, especially for Chicago citizens. Each tab on the top of his blog explores a different section that allows visitors to find reading material, local establishments that practice the importance of good, clean, fair food, a featured photo highlighting a fellow foodie and a newsletter. From this one site the reader can experience many other sites online and hopefully make a new connection like I was able to.



On a side note, his photography is extravagent and here are some samples to give you a taste.


Bon appetit.

2 Comments on “Making friends in the online food world”

  1. tbrickman says:

    It looks like your practicum project has come a long way since our presentation! It is so cool that you were able to get into contact with Grant. I wonder if this contact will lead to a possible internship or job in your future. I agree that Grant’s photography is very impressive; it all looks delicious.
    Though I tried many times to get into contact with the creator of Postsecret, I was unable to initiate a conversation with him. Though I have had brief interactions with members of the Postsecret community, I have not been able to foster any real relationships from this project. So, when I read this post, I was happy to see that you were able to succeed in that aspect of the project. Great job!!

    • I agree it was definitely the hardest part of the project was getting feedback and making relationships. This was the only one that really worked and I am surprised it worked so well!

      It seemed like you were really invested in your project so I hope you can continue to explore it, good luck!!

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