Wikipedia post and final blog post :(!

Here’s the link to Wikipedia:

Above are views of the changes I made to the Wikipedia page that gives information on personal homepages. The Wikipedia page says that personal homepages are made to inform and entertain readers, which is entirely true. Yet, it also says that social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace, serve the same purpose of a personal homepage, which I  disagree with. I added that services, such as these sites, may enable people to express one’s opinions or creative passions, but personal web pages, furthermore, enable users to present themselves and their work on a more professional level and in a professional format. Personal websites also provide the ability of individuals to present themselves as a professional to other companies whom they may want to work for in the future and mixing this information with your social life on facebook, for example, may alter an employee’s view of that person. I don’t mean that you may have pictures of you partying at college, but even pictures of you that may not project the “serious” character that an employer may want in you , for example, may be seen, not on your profile due to privacy settings, but may be found on someone else’s. For this reason, I chose to segregate my facebook account from my personal homepage. I continued writing that a personal website allows creators to post evidence of a professional background and experience such as resumes and work samples, if applicable. The personal homepage can be designated for solely that purpose of presenting yourself and your professional work as well.

So, although this course has come to an end, I will continue to edit, build my personal homepage, and share it with others. Tomorrow, I will be posting two more design pieces I just finished, and I hope that you all will continue to view it. Because I created my site on, you can follow me, so please do! I wish you all the best of luck, and thanks Evan and Danny for teaching a great semester!

Additionally, in attempting to spread the word about my homepage, I emailed Jenny in Barcelona, the German woman who created her personal homepage, “I Love Muffins,” and she emailed me back! Below are our emails. I sent her the URL to my homepage so now people even in Barcelona can know about my homepage with word of mouth from Jenny!

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