Wikipedia Post for Microblogging… Tumblr

So when I googled Tumblr to find the Tumblr page on Wikipedia, the page ended up being “semi-protected.” I had no idea that some of the pages on Wikipedia could be semi-protected and I had to click on the little lock icon in the corner to read more about it. Apparently, some pages on Wikipedia are protected so that in order to edit something on the page, you need to sign in and sumbit an edit request… because I was not really willing to do this, I decided to look up the more general, Microblogging wikipedia page to see if this was protected. Luckily, this page was not, and I could make edits by simply following the instructions listed on the practicum page of our class site.

I decided to contribute to the “usage” portion of the Wikipedia page, and since Twitter took up a lot of the microblogging description, I wanted to add a sentence or two on Tumblr in this section. What sparked me to want to add to this part of the page was the line about a study trying to understand why microblogging has become so popular as it reads, “The study suggests a link between short bursts of activity and feelings of elation, power and creativity.”I wanted to add a line or two about how Tumblr has changed the microblogging world because it makes it so easy to customize and be creative with your blog page. I also wanted to contribute to this section because I knew that the creative part of tumblr was something I had experimented a lot with over the course of my fieldwork activity, and there are lots of credible citation sites that can backup my description of Tumblr in this way.

I added: “Other Microblogging sites, such a Tumblr, have become extremely popular because of how easy they have made it for users to be creative with their pages. Not only does the site have customizable options to chose from, but you can also change the HTML format to create your very own website appearance. For those who are unfamiliar with these codes, Tumblr has prided itself on making it easier than ever to customize a blog. The appeal of Tumblr to its users has always been the microblogging site’s mission to make creativity a top priority for its members. Simply type customize into the Tumblr Help page in order to learn all of the options they offer. ( ”

Here’s the Wikipedia link!

One Comment on “Wikipedia Post for Microblogging… Tumblr”

  1. jbender2 says:

    I actually decided to do the same thing with my Wikipedia post. The Twitter Wikipedia page was also semi-protected and due to the constraints of posting on those pages, I chose to update the Microblogging page, as well. I found the information you added to Wikipedia Microblogging very resourceful and relevant to microblogs besides just Tumblr. Microblogging is a very broad and ever changing type of social media and it’s interesting to learn about all of the other sites besides just Twitter like I have been doing for my project. In your edit to Wikipedia, you mentioned that Tumblr prides itself in making HTML code easier to use than in regular blogs, and I think that is true for my microblogs. The point of a microblog is for the usage of it to be efficient, simplistic, and adaptable to new users. I think you bring up a very good point and it will be interesting to see where microblogging goes in the future.

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