Practicum Post – Twitter

As I’ve become more of an expert with Twitter, I’ve begun to use it as a way to communicate and link to other things that I am doing. One way I have been doing this is by linking my Pinterest account with my Twitter account. Pinterest is a type of social networking site in which you follow other users and “pin” pictures onto design and inspiration boards. I’ve recently become addicted to this site and have been using Twitter to show it!

Here are some examples of how I have been linking Twitter and Pinterest:

Which links to…


This is a photo that I found and re-pinned onto my “Places to See” inspiration board. I used Twitter to show all of my followers what I had been doing on Pinterest and to spread the word about a new website I had found and become so obsessed with.


Here’s another Tweet linked to Pinterest:


Twitter has really become a way for me to connect all the different aspects of my life. I keep in touch with friends, relay messages about what I am doing (in under 140 characters, of course), stay current with local and national news, catch up on celebrity gossip, and show what I am up to or thinking about by linking my Twitter to other websites, such as Pinterest. This is certainly something that other websites, such as Facebook, have been doing for a while. However, it’s fun to just give a short snippet of information regarding what you are linking your Twitter to and leaving it up to your followers to find out what you are up to. It’s a great way to connect every aspect of my life and bring it all into one, easy and convenient location.

Like I’ve said before, although Twitter only allows you to communicate small and brief amounts of information at a time, it is extremely useful for staying current in all aspects of my life without having to take the time to search for everything elsewhere. And now that I’m able to add more of myself into my Tweets by showing exactly what I am interested in by linking my Twitter to other pages (or adding a link I have found into a Tweet), I can really keep my followers up to date on everything going on in my life, keeping them informed on just what I am interested in. As I’ve been using Twitter more and more frequently, I’ve really come to love the fact that everything I need and want is all in one place!

2 Comments on “Practicum Post – Twitter”

  1. bfjohnston says:

    I think Twitter’s 140 character limit is what defines the medium. By forcing its users to make their notes concise, Twitter has cut out a niche for itself. The unique discourse is casual, brief, and subsequently frank. This quality of twitter has gotten many into trouble, but makes the content fresh and interesting.

  2. laurenjaeger says:

    I absolutely love how Twitter has become a platform to share a short, quick, and interesting piece of your life or something that you have found interesting. The word limit always makes me think about times in the past when my teachers have forced me to write a paper in X amount of words or less. Since I am a person that can ramble on for a while, especially in my writing, it has always been difficult to limit my words. But because Twitter forces you to do so, it shows the value and meaning in your quick statement. You end up negotiating a way to say something important, but in a concise way. People don’t consider reading your tweets a waste of time because if they aren’t interested then they don’t have to read very much before they can move to the next tweet. I like how you are integrating other social media within a social media website. It just shows how interconnected our worlds are becoming.

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