Final Post about Chathour

As I stated in my Wikipedia post, I planned to log into Chathour, and tell the chat room that I was a researcher and see how they responded.  Well, I followed through and did not have much luck.  I have attached some pictures to show you what happened in the chat room, but essentially my username is “mkny” and I stated that I was a researcher and wanted to know if anyone could help me out with my research.  One girl “nutherBlondee” responded to me, so I assumed she was willing to help out.  When I “PVT” chatted her within the chat room, she was not at all interested in helping me and claimed she was “buzy.”  So..unfortunately I was not able to find out how tweens engage with the internet further than what I saw in chat hour.  It was a good effort though!







2 Comments on “Final Post about Chathour”

  1. laurenjaeger says:

    It honestly doesn’t surprise me that people in chat rooms that are not geared toward our age group or any chat room for that matter would want to find out that a person in their online community is their to observe. A lot of times people go in these chat rooms with specific results and interests in mind, and they see you, the observer/researcher, as an interruption for the reason that they are there. Besides that, no one likes their personal information/what they say being recorded/analyzed especially if they know very little about the project you are researching.

  2. mikecoakley says:

    I think its hard to get good cooperation with people on platforms like this, especially if you present yourself as an outsider. Chats especially seem to be all over the place and although I’m sure that there are people who would be willing to help out, it just seems a little to chaotic.

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