Wikipedia post

The final part of the practicum was to add something to Wikipedia. The “remix” entry on Wikipedia was pretty comprehensive but I was able to add a snippet to the introduction. I had never edited on Wikipedia and to be honest I didn’t know it was as simple as clicking on the edit tab. I don’t know exactly the process they have for approving or taking down added content so I’ll have to see if my addition is still there in a few days. Anyways, like I said the post was already pretty comprehensive, even addressing the copyright implications of remixing, but I added a snippet about how contemporary remixes are often produced in Digital Audio Workstations (DAW’s) which allow producers to reorganize and add various effects to tracks. There wasn’t any other info on the page about the kind of software/hardware that is used to make remixes so I figure I may have a shot in having it kept on the site.

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