Practicum Post – Twitter

For my last practicum blog post, I wanted to take a look back to where I began with this project and look at all the advancements I made. Coming in to this, I didn’t know what all I would learn by using Twitter. I knew the basics – Tweets, Followers, etc., but I didn’t know all the ways that Twitter would be able to connect me to the world, my friends, and other sites that I was interested in.

Followers. I started off with only a few followers – 3 to be exact. My followers included my roommate and two people I didn’t know due to the fact that I left my Twitter account public rather than setting privacy settings. I did this in order to obtain as many followers as possible.

Today, I am up to 77 followers! I consider this quite an accomplishment considering I only set up my account at the end of September. When I calculated this out, I’ve been on Twitter for approximately 70-75 days, which ends up being about one new follower each day I’ve been on Twitter. I was not expecting to gain so many followers, so when I calculated this out, I was slightly astonished at how quickly I got to where I am – now to continue gaining followers…

Creativity and Usage. As I began using Twitter, I was uninformed on how to change the background, change the text colors, and use #hashtags and @mentions. As I familiarized myself with the profiles of my followers, I learned how to use these tools and create a profile that expressed my personality.

When I began, my background was the blue one that Twitter provides you when you first create an account.

I didn’t want my page to be unoriginal, so I tried out a couple other backgrounds that Twitter provided, trying to figure out how so many people put their own images as their backgrounds. When I finally figured out how to do this, I ended up with this…

I also became more of an “expert” at Tweeting by adjusting what I included in them in order to seem more apart of the Twitter culture and community. At first, I began with very generic Tweets about my day but then eventually learned the “art” of #hashtags and @mentions, allowing my Tweets to take a different shape than before.

In this Tweet from December 5th, I use two @mentions, a #hashtag, and upload a “twitpic” from my phone. I have definitely come a long ways in my Tweeting expertise!

Connecting. When I first began this project, I was barely connected to anyone. Now, I use Twitter to look up news stories, star current with what my friends are up to, and have become connected in some way or another to multiple other sources on the internet. I can even connect my Twitter account to other sites that I use, like Pinterest, to show my followers what I am doing on other sites. Twitter has truly become my go-to for just about anything, and I’ve found that I use Twitter more than Facebook now because of how connected I am to anything and everything with Twitter.

Overall, I have learned a great deal about how microblogging functions and creates an online space for individual participation and networking. Before using Twitter, I did not know just how connected I would become to just about everything – news, friends, celebrities, etc. I’ve really enjoyed having the opportunity to explore such a popular and well-known site like Twitter and hope that what I learned helped someone else learn something new about microblogging and Twitter, as well. I plan to continue using Twitter and hope to continue learning more about it.

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