Information on assignments will be posted here through the semester. See below for descriptions of the assignments.

Classroom and blog participation

You are expected to actively participate in class in ways that demonstrate your knowledge of the course content and engagement with the ideas under discussion. Students who miss more than 2 section meetings will have their final grade affected adversely.

Additionally, you will be expected to make 7 participation blog posts and comment on 3 of your classmates’ posts over the course of the semester. Engaging on the blog offers an alternative format for participation and gives you practice with a specific internet media form as well as writing for the web more generally. Participation that exceeds these requirements is welcome. Your participation grade is based half on section attendance and engagement (10%) and half on your blog posts (10%).

Here is the blog assignment sheet.

Practicum project, with class presentation, blog updates, and short paper

This assignment involves both an individual and a group component and is designed to give you some practical experience engaging with specific internet media practices. There will be five different topic areas of research (online communities, identity and social networking, internet users, social production, and interactive media) with four individual assignments that relate to each topic.

Individually, you will spend a minimum of 15 hours exploring, playing, building, documenting, and/or socializing online.  You must publish at least 7 practicum posts to the course blog, documenting your research and interacting with other students. You will then participate in a 15-minute presentation where you will present your findings in teams of two, comparing and contrasting your experiences with another student in your topic area.

On the last day of class, you will submit a 3-page paper in lecture, relating your findings to one theme and one approach discussed in class. Presentations must be given on the day they are scheduled; if a problem arises, notify your discussion leader in advance. Guidelines and individual topics will be explained in discussion section.

Here is the full practicum assignment.

Look at the Practicum page for more resources for the project, including partner assignments and guidelines for presentations.


There will be 4 quizzes given during lecture, worth 5% each. These will feature multiple-choice and short-answer questions. The dates for the quizzes are listed below on the course calendar— contact your instructor ahead of time if you must miss a quiz date. Quizzes cannot be made up except under extraordinary circumstances.

Midterm paper

This will be a 5-page paper in which you will have the opportunity to choose from 3 different essay prompts. The paper requires that you critically analyze an example, present an evidence-based argument, and synthesize original research with course material. This assignment is due in lecture on the date listed below. Papers must follow a scholarly citation format (MLA, APA, or Chicago) and be double-spaced with a 12-point font and one-inch margins. You must address the prompt directly and include a bibliography.

Here is the full paper assignment with prompts.

Final exam

The final exam will involve both an empirical section (multiple choice, identification, etc.) and an essay section. The final is not cumulative. It will be held on Sat Dec 17 from 12:25-2:25 pm.

Check back here for the list of possible essay questions.

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