An analysis on Copyrighting

I have always been aware of copyrighting laws but before this class have never really understood the process and extent that they cover. I think personally that they are a well established system in order to protect the author. If I were a contributer to information available I would want my specific work to be protected and associated with my. However with the channels changing for ways of disseminating information it is understandable that a new approach is needed. I do not feel that the way copyrighting has been established can be replicated online. I think that there needs to be different terms and conditions for online information. My knowledge of specific ideas is limited but feel as though a virtual copyright that follows the original text is necessary. As a consumer on the internet I have noticed that some works are highly protected while others are not. Is there a way to streamline these in order to have all works interacted with consistent?

I think the most important area of copyrighting is within the area of research. This is ground breaking material that an individual has usually spent their life reading, testing and perfecting. It would be interesting to explore the extent of material taken from research that was not properly copy-written and how this has maybe increased or decreased since the transition to online material.

Finally, I am a bit more critical as well as intrigued by the detail that goes into a copyright, what guidelines are followed and what material is copy-written. It is also interested to try and predict how these areas will expand in the future.


What the web had to say about me…

As these weeks discussion assignment we were instructed to search ourselves via Google. I was not that eager to find out because I thought I knew what I would find. I have a food blog, All Hail Honeybees, that came up many times when I searched myself in the past out of pure boredom. However, I was actually quite surprised and even a little creeped out by what I came across.

The first part of the page was all various social networks, my Google + profile, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Picasa, etc. Halfway down the page I came across which had my name and hometown listed. I tried viewing the actual page but needed to set up an account in order to see it, I didn’t do this because from what I could see it seemed like generic information but someone added to my name. Next up for being bizarre was a post on a yoga website explaining an injury I had a few months ago. I believe my mother had posted it in order to find out more information about the injury but it was interesting to see something like this pop up. This also made me realize that absolutely everything I have done on the internet was documented, and available!!

Six pages into Google search I was still finding things pop up about my name and blog, All Hail Honeybees. One pleasant surprise was a blog from a girl in my sorority giving a review on my blog and how my tweets about food made her continue to enjoy my tweets and posts about food. It was very sweet and made me realize that people were reading and enjoying what I had been disseminating into the world wide web.

All in all this was an interesting experience that made me want to check up on myself more often as well as watch out for what is being talked about.


Taking a step back to understand the buzz about Slow Food.

My posts have been a bit out-of-order but I wanted to dedicate one to explaining my ideas for the practicum project. I am exploring the Slow Food movement that started in Italy after they placed a McDonald’s near the Spanish Steps in Rome. This movement is the idea of cooking one’s own food using good, clean, fair food that is healthy for the consumer as well as the rest of the environment. Slow Food goes beyond the dinner table and can have the reverse effect that Ritzer’s theory of McDonaldization would have on societies. A friend stated Slow Food as ‘as a reaction to fast food, but of course that in no way envelops the whole of the Slow Food movement! Slow Food has come to mean a variety of things to many people, but its roots lie in the celebration of food that nourishes the body, the community, and the Earth.’


I am exploring the special interests groups that can be found online and using Slow Food to hone in on a specific area. I have joined the Slow Food UW Facebook group and page. Many cities around the nation have chapters dedicated to their efforts for Slow Food and the UW is uniquely one of the few college campuses that has a chapter. I am also hoping to explore various blogs and twitter handles that dedicate their information to the Slow Food movement.

A question to consider is how this movement can impact your life as a college student who is starting to cook on their own? Also how this may affect your consumerism practices?

For more information regarding Slow Food check out Slow Food USA.

Diving into the world of Slow Food.

My practicum assignment is to explore special interest groups and since I am a bit obsessed with good and fair food I am exploring the Slow Food movement in this world wide web! I have joined the Slow Food UW facebook group as well as the page and started getting aquainted with how others are interacting by posting some pictures from my Slow Food UW Cafe lunches as well as posting some information I thought other foodies would enjoy. I tried to follow suit of what the other five hundred some followers have been doing. So far I have started to realize that the Slow Food UW page seems to appear more like a discussion board which is interesting to experience.

I have also started to explore blogs that are about food and in line with the Slow Food movement. I have found that many of the various Slow Food chapters across the U.S. have well developed blogs with recipes, upcoming events and interesting articles. I have subscribed to many of these are started a reader through Google in order to have a central place for the RSS feeds of these blogs.


I am eager to continue my search for other foodies interested in the works of Slow Food and also to try some of the awesome recipes I am coming across, bon appetit!!

I-Dosing as a study break?

For this weeks assignment I decided to do the less risky option of moral panics and explored the world of I-dosing. Since I have heard nothing but horrific stories about Chatroulette I decided to steer clear. When MySpace was the cool online hang out I quickly became obsessed, and used its artistic layouts to express myself. However, I never dabbled in the dangerous aspects of MySpace and left it as soon as it started to fade. This left me seeing MySpace as more of a boring option to choose when exploring technopanics.

I sat down and dove into the world of i-dosing at the end of a long Tuesday and sampled one labeled “Energy Drink”. I found this and many others at Binaural Beats. The reviews had people raving about how well it picked them up when they were feeling sluggish. However, I am not sure how convinced I really was after experiencing it. It was that time of day for me when I feel like ditching the homework and spending the rest of the night lounging around. This made me think I would be the perfect candidate for this virtual pick-me-up.

While experiencing the i-dosing I tried to not be distracted by anything else and let the different sound waves do their dirty work. After about 10-15 minutes of listening I was definitely more alert but I am not sure this had the same effect as a real live energy drink streaming through my system. I feel like having two different sound waves coming directly into your ear drums is comparable to a mental wake up, for the time being. The comments people left were outrageously positive and left me thinking I would never need to drink coffee again. Although, after experiencing it I am not left fully convinced on how affective this really was.

As far as this activity being considered a technopanic I am left unsure here as well. If anything I think that this would harm young people’s eardrums but I do not see the argument that young people are using this outlet as a way to be on another level and also experience any type of high. Maybe if the conditions were different such as higher quality ear phones or at a very high volume I could see a greater impact, but after my experience I was just in awe at how addictive these buzzing and rumbling noises seem to be.

Reaction to History of the Internet.

The youtube video assigned for us to watch was a very basic way of explaining the history of the internet. It is interesting to see how far the internet has come and how difficult and frustrating it must have been to use it years ago. Today there is wireless almost everywhere we go and as discussed in lecture we are always connected to the internet, not having that privilege is hard to imagine. I may need to make flash cards in order to understand all the different acronyms used when first establishing how the internet functioned and its progression, however this video does a good job of breaking down the history as well as the key players.


 Hey guys!

My name is Amy, I am a senior at the UW majoring in Communications and applying to the School of Journalism. I grew up in San Francisco but moved to Sheboygan, Wisconsin ten years ago and am slowly appreciating winter. When I am not spending my time at one of Madison’s many libraries or quiet cafes I am sampling great food or helping out with the various clubs I am involved in. I love to travel and can’t get enough of my favorite social networks so I am pretty excited for this course!