Copy, right?

I feel that I do pay attention to most copyrights and regulations. I have never downloaded a movie or song without paying for it. I do feel that once something has been paid for once it is okay to share it. I have purchased CDs and made copies for my friends and they have done the same for me. I do watch movies online on youtube or stagevu without paying for them. I guess this is not good sometimes becuase I didn’t pay to view it the first time. If I go see the movie that I watch via stageview in the theatres this means I have paid to view it one, so any means that I watch it in the future by should be okay, right?

I admit I do somtimes copy pictures that are not meant to be copied. I was doing a research prroject on clothing in 1905 for another class and I needed photos from that era to see what people were wearing way back when. Some of the sites I went to wouldn’t let me right click and copy the image, so I took a screen shot of it. I do always give credit it I use an internet source in a project or paper. I think that the copyright rules and regulations do serve a purpose and creators deserve credit for their pieces.


A fellow foursquare~er!

I am at Buffalo Wild Wings (l know, always blogging on the go at restauraunts) and l wanted to share my fun interaction l just had with my waiter. My boyfriend Eli and l were checking in and Eli was like “Sweet the mayor is here!” And the waiter responded that it was the bartender. He told us he was all checked in and showed us on his phone his picture. My boyfriend and l totally added him as a foursquare friend. He told us the most points he ever got in one day was over 300 because he went to Washington D.C. and got a ton of points for all the museums he checked into. I thought it was cool to meet a fellow foursquare fanatic! And 300 points in one day totally seems like a record. Well, time to enjoy some wings. I hope you all have a good weekend, the next post will be about fun foursquare facts…so stay tuned!

Foursquare made Chili’s awesome!

I am currently blogging from mu table at Chili’s enjoying free stuff 🙂 At Chili’s you get free chips and salsa just for checking in and if you check in with 3 or more fr

iends you get a free appetizer…which my friends and l all totally did! Yum! I was talking to some foursquare users yesterday and they said they love getting free stuff just for checking in. Now l understand what they mean!! It’s awesome!! Hope you are all having a god weekend…just wanted to blog about my excitement as l wait for my food. Oh, and l have claimed the mayorship of

Dimiteries gyros!! Dennys may be gone for now…but atleast l am the mayor of something 🙂

Google knows a lot about me!

Hmmm….Well let’s attempt to write this post for the 4th time. I tried to add a screen shot of my google results but it resulted in a blank post. I tried it again with the screen shot as the last thing I pasted in and that did not work…and I won’t even mention the other issues I have had. Anyway….on the the important stuff!

When my boyfriend and I first started dating he googled me. We use google to gain new information about things we are curious about, right? It is a great tool, but I was surprised at how much information about me was available and how accurate it was.

I googled “Ashley Glowinski” and the top three results had nothing to do with me. The first one was a LinkedIn profile, the second a facebook page that was not mine, and the third was a link to a portfolio of some Ashley Glowinski in NJ. The fourth and fifth results did have to do with me, however. The fourth was a link to an article I had written for the Daily Cardinal and the fifth result was a link to the scholarships I had received my senior year at the high school I attended. I thought that this was positive info that I would welcome future job employers to find. As I clicked through the next pages I found links about the cheerleading organization I was a part of the past three years and a link to the tweet I had made about how amazing Danny always looks.There was also a link called “I love Ashley Glowinski” and it said “My Favorite things about Ashley. She is Beautiful; She is the Smartest; She is Incredibly Funny.” This all seemed incredible accurate so I assume one of my admirers posted it. Laugh Out Loud! Just Kidding!!

There were a few links I found that were a little scary. There was one called that accurately listed all the cities I have lived in and another site that knew my parents names. This is nothing too terrible, many people have information like that listed on their facebook pages. I guess I was just overwhelmed at how much information was available about me even though I found most of it to be positive.

I also did an image search for “Ashley Glowinski” and I saw a lot of pictures of that NJ Ashley but there were also many pictures of me from my old myspace page and some recent ones from facebook. I had loaded those pictures thinking only friends would see them and now here they are on google available for almost anyone to see. There were also images from the Daily Cardinal articles I had written and pictures from my cheer squad. The best picture that came up was the one of Danny eating an invisible sandwich. Did anyone else get that on their image results? I thought it was awesome!

Overall I do not think there is any bad information about me on google, just a surprisingly wide variety of my activities. Someone who looks at this could paint a fairly accurate picture of my life. There may be confusion with the other Ashley Glowinskis though so someone searching for me may think that their information is mine, and vice versa. The amount of information available in the internet is interesting.





Check into class… into class!

So a lot has happened in the world since my last blog post– Kim  Kardashian is getting divorced, Captain America came out on DVD, Uncharted 3 was released for the PS3, there is a “Siri”-like app for android available now called Iris (Siri spelled backwards–which is awesome by the way. Iris and I have become good friends) and a new episode of Glee airs tonght!! Oh, and I have been working on my project. I start singing “Check into class… into class!” everytime I check into Grainger or Vilas or Humanities. It’s a catchy tune. I also decided to take a look at other locative services such as SCVNGR and Gowalla, and Yelp. I am still focusing mainly on foursquare but I wanted to see what these services had to offer.

I am in love with SCVNGR in that I have gained free wings from Buffalo Wild Wings (my favorite wing place!) just by completing fun challenges. This virtual space does effect my reality because I interact with people around me through the application. You can do a “social check-in” where you bump phones with friends who have the app and you earn points. There are also challenges you complete like taking a picture of a certain item or answering a question. Then you use your points to get a free coke, free wings, $5 off your bill, etc! I think it is awesome that just interacting with a place through an app can help save you money. It is also fun and passes the time while you wait for your food.

Gowalla is pretty cool in that it tells shows a google map of where each place is incase you are just looking for a cool new spot. Sometimes is also has an interesting little blurp about the place. I haven’t really used it that much. I did say “I’m here” which is what you do on Gowalla rather than checking in at a few places but there aren’t really reviews or ways to warn points.

Yelp is pretty fun. I didn’t realize there were so many good check-in deals. At Barriques Market you can get 50% off a coffee for checking in. I have just started using this app but I might use it for for all the sweet offers it has. It is also pretty useful for the reviews it has. If you are looking for a restaurant close to you it will pull them up and you can find out if they do take-out, reservations, if it is good for kids, etc. You can also become “The Duke” for checking into places.

As far as foursquare goes, I like the competitivness of it and how intense some people get in their mayorships. I am no longer the mayor of Denny’s and I was really mad when I found out. Especially since I begged my boyfriend to go to Denny’s last night but he wanted to go to Perkin’s instead. I lied to my aunt and said somebody stole her mayorship of the Dutch Mills Sports club when she was out of the state and she was so upset. I think it is funny how seriously some people take their mayorships. My aunt always brags about all the places she is mayor of. My boyfriend has also decided that foursquare is a competition between us and he tries to check-in everywhere to beat me in points. I forgot to check-in to Perkin’s last night and he didn’t remind me because he is trying to beat me.

I have also enjoyed sharing tips with other users and I created a few places that didn’t exist in the foursquare world. I added the church my friend just got married in so I would check in in her wedding day. I left a tip about a really friendly bar tender at Dutch Mills Sports club every wednesday night and also about the great service I recieved at Jiffy Lube. I think that applications like these make reality more fun and it makes us feel more connected to the virtual world as well as the real world.

foursquare–a technopanic?

As I continue to utalize the foursquare app on my phone I have come accross some interesting information. Here is the back story (and some proof that I have gotten slightly addicted to foursquare)

I was at Denny’s on the east side with some friends and, being the Mayor, of course I wanted to check in to continue my awesome mayorship. I dug through my purse only to realize I had left my phone at home. I was super upset that I couldn’t check in (I almost wanted to go get it quick and come back just so I could check in). My boyfriend gave me his phone and we tried to figure out a way to log into my foursquare so I could check in but we had no luck. That’s when the friend sitting across from me told me about This website talks about the dangers of over-sharing. It states that by checking in you are making it easier for the robbers to steal from you because they know you are not home. You can check it out here:

In the article we all read by Alice Marwick, she discusses a “techopanic” as having these charactoristics: focusing on new media forms, pathologizing young people’s use of media,  and an overall manifest of anxiety that leads to an attempt to regulate or modify young people’s behavior. I think that does show that foursquare can be considered a technopanic. Locative services are a newer thing and this website talks about how people that check in to various locations are inviting break-ins into their homes. I also think that this website is attempting to regulate behavior by talking about the dangers of over-sharing. 

Personally, I do not really think that foursquare, saying where you are on Twitter, or other locative services poses a threat to anyone.  I did some playing around and typed in random  names of people on foursquare and it would not tell me where anyone them were at that exact moment or even when they had checked in last. In fact, I discovered that a lot of people had not checked in anywhere in the last 7 days. I have many friends who  check in litterally everywhere they go, but I think this app may be dying off much like myspace as a social networking site.

Well, that was a little bit about my foursquare adventures. Time to do some grocery shopping, so I will be checking into HyVee (try not to rob me while I am gone). Search for my name if anyone wants to be my foursquare friend 🙂

Mayor in the house!

I have been using foursquare to see how locative services effect how l interact in the non~digital world. So far, l think it is a pretty neat service. You can add friends on foursquare and it updates you on where they are. You all “check~in” to places that you are at and earn points. If you visit often you can become the Mayor of that place. Right now as l write this blog l am inside the Denny’s on the east side and l just became the mayor! Shows you how often l eat there. Yum! But using foursquare as much as l have been doing has led me to appreciate having the internet on my phone a lot more. I can go to foursquare and look at restaurants near by, read tips about them other foursquare users have posted, and the google the menu. I enjoy being able to use the internet anywhere, like here at Denny’s writting a blog post. I have not not had a smartphone very long but l appreciate having one now seeing how useful it can be. So, l am going to go back to my coffee and enjoy my first mayorship!